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Event Deposits and Fees

Now that your event has been approved, choose all charges that apply to your event, hitting

"Add to Cart" after each one.

Please Review Fees

(See Fee Schedule Document For Full explanation)



Refundable Security Deposits               

-300 people or more  $1,000

-Less than 300 people $500

-Less than 100 but more than 25 people $100

-School sponsored or small events < 25 people $0


Vehicular Grounds Repair Fee     $1,200

Payable with deposit for events using vehicles in Park


Park/Facility Use Fees          

-Single day Park event up to 300 people $100

-Single day Park event over 300 people $200

-Two-day Park event $500


If you are a resident or employee of the City of New Castle, a City business or a Non-Profit that is based in, or serves, New Castle City, choose the $25 Event Request Fee


All others, choose the $50 Event Request Fee

Please display permit at event for Code Enforcement to review.

Application already approved? Use the button below to seal the deal!

Have a wonderful event!

I understand that Battery Park is a Carry In/Carry Out park, and I agree that it is my responsibility collect any trash produced by this event, and arrange for proper disposal. Failure to do so will result in park maintenance/trash pick up fees being deducted from your deposit. I have read and accept all Battery Park Guidelines and Rules. I understand and agree that it is my responsibility to ensure all participants comply with all permit directions and conditions and with all applicable laws and ordinances. Both the organization listed above and I accept all risk and liability for, and agree to hold The Trustees of the New Castle Common and the City of New Castle harmless from any and all claims, suits or actions, rising out of any claims for property damage or personal injury sustained as a result of the permitted event.

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