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Battery Park is a scenic waterfront park in the historic section of the City of New Castle. A lush spot along the Delaware River where area residents play, picnic, bike and hike, Battery Park is owned by the City of New Castle and maintained by the Trustees of the New Castle Common. 

Park Projects

The park is always being maintained and improved, whether it's enhancing the biking and walking trails, keeping the beach pristine or keeping the trees and landscape in perfect health for its visitors. Read about current park initiatives here.

Park Facilities

New Castle Events

Rest rooms, recreational facilities, etc.

Hours of Operation

Other Green Initiatives by
The Trustees

The Trustees of the New Castle Common are committed to making New Castle a green, healthy, walkable place for all to enjoy. Strategic tree plantings, pollinator meadows and park landscaping are just a few. 

Historic New Castle has a long and rich history, and residents who endeavor to keep that alive!  Read all about our fair city, colorful events, visiting, living or working here.

The park is only open for use from dawn until dusk.

Guidelines For Use

Have Your Event in Battery Park!

Event Registration Form

Event Planning Timeline Form
Battery Park Fee Schedule
Battery Park Event Layout
Battery Park Rules
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